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Weight Wise Week

Few people realise that when they purchase a carrier bag from M&S, the money goes directly back into the community.  For the second year in a row, M&S teamed up with the Guernsey Sports Commission to sponsor a week long event which offered a wide variety of free classes for women of all ages. The goal of the week was to encourage more women to become active and enjoy themselves while doing so. We offered taster sessions ranging from low intensity to high intensity, covering both individual activity and team sports. Highlights included fully booked sessions of Aquacombat, H20 to Go, Bodyvive and Zumba and a Saturday morning cycle of 60 participants.  Through our initiative, many women found themselves enjoying sport for the first time in 15 years. 

Many thanks for arranging the Weight Wise Week. I thoroughly enjoyed 2 games of Racketball and have played twice more since! It was great fun and I’ve already met up with one of the other ladies that I met for a game. -participant

Because the sessions were free it really encouraged me to try out new sports which I hadn’t considered before. Two of them I am looking into taking up on a regular basis. -participant


I just wanted to say that Weight Wise Week for women was fantastic.This initiative spurred me on to try out some new sports, reacquaint myself with old ones and helped me to persevere with my New Year’s resolution to get fitter!!! -participant

We want to thank our customers who purchase our carrier bags so that we can continue to give back to the Guernsey community and support Plan A!

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